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Bellevue Hill Contemporary Kitchen

The client had just purchased this modern propert in Sydney‘s Bellevue Hill and weren‘t happy with the existing kitchen, even though it was only 5 years old. The kitchen was a rather bland colour combination and the layout wasn‘t ideal with both the sink and cooktop along the rear wall.

Requirements and design challenges

  • Move the sink and dishwasher into the island
  • The client wanted a clean, uncluttered look
  • The client wanted a new a new aesthetic with the cooktop space to be the feature with a contrasting colour combination
  • The client wanted a large pantry, preferably with a bench.

Site Challenges

The kitchen area was built on a concrete slab which meant that the plumbing and waste had to be cut through the concrete slab.
The ceiling is high, creating a risk of making the area rather heavy with cabinets along a long rear wall.


The open plan look was retained but without overhead cabinets. At 5100mm, the rear wall was long, with part of it obscured by the refrigerator and a nib wall, so a large pantry was designed, in this space, to allow storage of food and small appliances. It also contained an extra bench. This left the cooktop bench at 2800mm. A rose coloured mirror was installed centrally in this area. The dark joinery framing this space brought the long dark cylinders of the rangehood into 3D relief over the mirror creating a simple but dynamic effect.

The removal of the floor allowed the plumbing and sink waste to be moved by approximately 2300mm through the concrete slab into the island.

It also meant a new floor could be installed with a softer tone that blends seamlessly into the contrasting dark joinery and industrial tones of the concrete benches and cylindrical rangehoods.
The look was continued the outside BBQ area, entertainment cabinet and bar.

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