Laundry Ideas To Get You Organised

Kitchen RenovationsLaundries tend to attract a lot of clutter. Joinery can be made to suit your storage requirements and you can even choose materials and a colour scheme to compliment the other rooms in your home. Here are some handy ideas for your laundry that will get you organised in no time:

1.   Get your cabinet maker to make custom joinery, such as overhead cupboards to store items away.

2.   Make a cabinet to store a laundry tub – ensure the tub is big enough for a bucket and the tap has a goose neck so you can place a bucket under with ease.

3.   Keep everyday items such as washing detergents in a cabinet to keep clutter to a minimum.



Kitchen Renovations   4.   Attach the ironing board to a wall or have a pull out ironing board in a cabinet – this is particularly useful for small laundries.

5.   Ensure there is room for as many laundry baskets as required for you and your family. It’s a good idea to check they fit in a cabinet to minimise clutter.

6.   If possible install a hanging rod to hang items which need ironing such as business shirts.

7.   Ensure there is enough bench space to fold clothing.

8.   Don’t forget to allow room for a dryer.

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