Selecting The Right Height For Your Desk

Kitchen RenovationsSelecting the right height for your desk is very important. Working at the right height will ensure that you don’t get back or neck pain. It is common, however, for many of us to be sitting at the wrong height compared to our desk. Quite often, we are unsure of the correct height and the complications that can occur because of this.



Your cabinet maker can guide you on the correct desk height, but generally you should be able to see the middle of your computer screen from where you sit. Alternatively, if you sit down and place your arms at a 90 degree angle, your hands should comfortably touch your desk. Also consider the chair you will be using and ideally have it on site when the measurements are being confirmed, this will ensure everything works together well.

We are all individuals and custom joinery can ensure that your work height is appropriate for you and joinery can be tailored to suit each person, child, teen or adult.

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