5 Amazing Tips for Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Sydney



Are you looking for a perfect approach to achieving your dream kitchen & bathroom? Your list may be endless but your budget isn’t. Sometimes you may have to make tough choices and be selective in your choices for the best return on your money. Kitchen and bathroom renovations in Sydney require some research and smart work.

The following 5 tips will help you get the kitchen and bathroom of your dream:-

  1. Wish List – Make a wish list, after evaluating your existing kitchen and bathroom list what you want to change and why. Jot down everything that you’ve always wanted and categorize them into two parts: must-have and nice-to-have. Try including everything you always wanted to have in your cooking and bathing places. Prioritizing things means you are making the best use of space, time and money. Look at showrooms, and scan some home décor websites to get inspiration.
  1. Practical Design – For both kitchens and bathrooms, design is very critical. Work out the type of space you want to create which will depend on the functionality. Will your kitchen and bathroom be a sort of a luxurious retreat, or a practical centre? Is your kitchen a communal family hub? Other factors which will influence the design your choice are: your lifestyle, budget and available space. An ultimate design will incorporate all these things and you will be able to create kitchen or a bathroom you never thought possible.
  1. Clever Storage – A great innovation in the kitchen and bathroom lies in its storage capacity. First up, you will have to compile a list of must-haves, how much storage space would you want and what kind of appliances or products do you use. Less is more in a modern design; an uncluttered layout with clever storage will make your kitchen and bathroom look inviting and spacious. A white, off-white or neutral colour gives an illusion of a huge space. If you like colours, you can add colorful accessories which can be updated anytime for a new look.
  1. Elegant Fixtures –       If you want that everything should look smart, select elegant fixtures for both, your kitchen and bathroom. A beautiful, pedestal sink looks more attractive than a crowded, block cabinet vanity. For more classic additions, consider claw-foot tub and even some acrylic versions look stunning. For your kitchen, modern cabinetry will add both style and functionality. You can consult one of our interior designers and get cabinets custom designed as per your requirement. Remember, less is more and clean lines are the latest trend.
  1. Durable Flooring – Durability and ease of cleaning should be top criteria when choosing floor tiles. Ceramic, linoleum and hardwood are all good choices for your kitchen. Linoleum is less expensive and very easy-to-clean and comes in countless designs. On the other hand, bathrooms have a lot of moisture and limestone, ceramic, linoleum, granite and marble are all excellent choices. Ceramic tiles offer great durability and look superb, but are quite expensive.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, interior decoration is another matter of concern that can make a huge difference on how your home looks. Add some unique items like artificial flowers, green plants, antique objects and quirky accessories. Do not overdo anything as even a well-placed single item can do wonders.

So, All the Best for your renovations!

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