When renovating your bathroom, there’s lots to consider to ensure your family’s needs are met. The functionality of your bathroom is equally as important as it looking great! Consider these tips to transform your bathroom:

DESIGN – since your bathroom is used every day, it should be designed to suit your personal style – consider the morning starts with a practical design or for relaxation purposes, the space and ambience will be important.

AESTHETICS – think about the colours, textures and details of your surroundings – your bathroom should compliment the rest of your home, so choose tiles, accessories and cabinetry accordingly.

LIGHTING – consider where your mirror is placed, with lots of good lighting. Use recessed lights under cabinets for a practical solution.

STORAGE – use slimline cabinets with mirrored fronts for storage space. Niches cut into the shower walls are great for shampoos, soaps etc.

PRACTICALITY – use low maintenance materials – research tile properties as some tiles and surfaces are more porous than others and will therefore require regular maintenance.

WORKMANSHIP – ensure your tradesmen are qualified and experienced – use a licenced tiler and waterproofer and obtain a waterproofing certificate.

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