Bar Solutions and Drink Stations

Are you considering a bar in your home? Do you have a games or billards room or even a separate living area which would benefit from a bar area? Bars don’t need to be just for alcohol, they can also house coffee and tea facilities or additional fridge storage for entertaining or just to service a study/home office, almost like a kitchenette. Over the years Impala has done many bars/kitchenettes and we would like to share some of these to inspire your own.

This bar was designed to service the client’s theatre room.


Bar with a Coffee Station - Impala Kitchens

A Bar with a Coffee Station


Butler Style Bar - Impala Kitchens

A butler style bar incorporated near the dining table for serving beverages whilst dining. A nice way to include a drinks area without requiring much space or a dedicated area, an unobtrusive solution.


A unique wine rack, in lieu of pigeon holes and LED strip lighting make this small bar interesting.


Not strictly a bar, but a cellar. The client wanted this space for drink storage as it was underground and had no natural lighting. Instead of a bar, the client installed the kitchenette, pictured below.


The associated kitchenette – with the cellar pictured previously.


An unused corner in a client’s house was transformed into a small contemporary bar, making the room cosy and more usable.

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