Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Kitchen RenovationsThe most effective way to light a bathroom is by making use of natural light. If you don’t get natural light into your bathroom, consider installing a skylight into your new bathroom renovation or remodeling project. Alternatively, adding windows along the top of the bathroom walls will provide more natural light without losing any privacy.

Installing lights under shaving cabinets or placing shelves on walls and fitting lights underneath them will give effective task and ambient lighting.

When positioning downlights in the ceiling, consider the placement of the items below, particularly the vanity. One downlight positioned between the user and the vanity will ensure no shadows are thrown and lighting is effective when shaving or applying makeup. Also consider wall lights in your bathroom design, these can give the room ambience and also make for effective functional lighting.

Giving a bit of thought to your bathroom lighting requirements will ensure that you get the right amount of light not only for showers, shaving, or putting on makeup but also to enhance the overall mood of the bathroom for relaxing and unwinding.

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