Bathroom Tapware Selection

Kitchen RenovationsYour tapware selection should compliment the look you are trying to achieve with your bathroom renovation or remodel. Check whether your tapware will be economical in water usage before you make a decision. The WELS rating (water efficiency labelling and standards) is a useful tool to refer to in this regard. Another consideration when selecting tapware is whether spare parts can be easily sourced or if they need to be ordered from overseas. Often Australian tapware is better suited to Australian water pressure, so ask about this when purchasing tapware.

When it comes to aesthetics and practicality, flick mixers give a modern look and are easy to operate in any bathroom design. Separate taps and nozzles are more traditional.

Lastly, ensure the spout you select for a basin or bathtub is long enough to reach into the vessel being filled without creating water splashing on the edge.

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