Bella Vista Waters

Impala’s clients were building a new house in an upmarket estate in Sydney’s Northwest. They wanted the main kitchen to be the centerpiece of the house, with a fully functional kitchen in the scullery on a minimal palette.

Impala’s designer Rashi met the brief through the following:

  • All wall cabinets were done in Servo drive for easy reach to utilize storage to the ceiling.
  • Drawers have been used everywhere in lieu of cupboards to provide more ergonomically space usage.
  • LED down lights to illuminate all visible workspaces.
  • The Centre Island is monolithic and intended to reflect a strong style making it an architectural sculpture in the middle of a very large room, with backlit marble  perfectly zoning the kitchen from the formal spaces.
  • The Sink and washing area in main kitchen are kept concealed behind doors  to complement towards the minimalist look.
  • All the beautifully co-ordinated appliances – Integrated Fridge Freezer, ovens, Coffee Machine are on the back walls to partially showcase the utility and balance the symmetry at the same time.
  • Streamline symmetry, minimalist, sleek, modern appearance.
  • The design complements with the theme of home.
  • The design incorporates the use of flush doors throughout.
  • No handles have been used in the entire kitchen.
  • Inner drawers keep the symmetry of lines.
  • Cooking appliances line-up at practical heights.

The open plan provides flow of positive energy through the house and considers all elements of the design brief. The Clients where amazed at the visual balance and harmony.

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