What are the benefits of a glass kitchen splashback?

glass-kitchen-splashbackWhat are the benefits of a glass kitchen splashback? 


People like the look and benefits of glass.

There’s an aesthetic appeal to a glass splashback. It is clean and contemporary.

Glass has a modern feel and is not typically something that you would choose if you were creating a traditional, older, country-style kitchen.

Glass splashbacks typically come in 10 mm toughened glass and comply with standards for safety so that they won’t shatter if hit by something. Like stone or tiles, the glass is heat resistant, which is an advantage for placement behind the cook top.

As an added bonus, people use their glass splashbacks as noticeboards. They are handy to write on with a marker pen, for shopping lists, messages, or notes, and happily these can easily be wiped clean again.


Glass splashbacks are popular because they are seamless. That is, they don’t have any grout lines to break the flow or create wear issues later. If your splashback is under a certain size, it can be installed in one piece and you won’t even need any joins! They are easy to clean and from a practical perspective, quite functional.



Many colour options

With stainless steel or something like a stone or tiled splashback, you are limited to the colours and styles that are available, whereas with glass you can pick the colour you want. That makes for less limitations and more flexibility.

The back of the glass can be painted in any colour you choose, so you can be creative and match it to the colour in your kitchen doors, or bring in an easy contrast when using a glass splashback.

One thing that people love these days is being able to use metallic paints. Silver is the most popular metallic colour as it matches the stainless steel and the kitchen appliances well.



Clear Float or Starphire?

There are two types of glass that can be used in kitchen splashbacks. There’s no difference between them in terms of the integrity of the glass, as they are both made of the same 10 mm toughened glass. The two types are:

Clear Float has a blueish green tinge to it, so when the colour is added it will have that hue over it.

Starphire has been treated to take out the blueish green tinge in the colour, so when you spray the back of the glass with your colour selection, you get a truer representation coming through on the front of the glass. Starphire is slightly dearer.

For darker colours the choice you make doesn’t matter so much because you won’t see the tinge. But for lighter colours, if you want them to come through bright and unchanged, you would go for the Starphire option.


If we can be of any help in your deliberations over splashbacks, materials, or any kitchen appliances or installations, please get in touch with the friendly staff at Impala. We’ll be happy to give you some great ideas and options for your kitchen!

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