What is the best flooring for my kitchen?

kitchen-flooring-sydneyWhat is the best flooring for my kitchen?

When choosing your kitchen flooring you must of course be led by what best fits with the rest of the house and especially the kitchen design – its colour scheme, aesthetics, architectural style and so on.



There is a lot of good quality flooring available in the marketplace these days. Timber is versatile to work with as it comes in different widths and lengths, and it has so many warm tones and shades. They can be oiled or stained and have colour options like whitewash and black or red stain, for example. We find that our customers like timber flooring for its warmth, as well as its ability to be customised … And of course, timber is easy to clean!

When considering timber flooring you have a choice of either floating timber flooring (which fits together in pieces and goes in after the kitchen has been installed), or a solid timber floor (which goes in before the kitchen).



The other popular choice for kitchen flooring is tiles. They are practical, easy to clean, and particularly useful for wet areas where things can get spilled.

They come in so many different types and designs and materials such as stone, porcelain and ceramics. In each case you want to look at the properties of each type of tile and balance its cost against the qualities and characteristics you want to achieve in your kitchen flooring.

Tiles also have the advantage of being able to be put over under-floor heating.



The other option that’s always very popular is vinyl.

Vinyl has the reputation as being a cheaper alternative, but nonetheless there are ‘higher end’ designs that look very attractive.

Vinyl is slightly soft and spongey to walk on, which softens the floor a little and gives a more tactile and pleasant feel under the foot. It is quite easy to clean as well and provides a functional and aesthetically pleasing effect for kitchen flooring. Not a material to be overlooked!

When you are looking to make choices in flooring for your kitchen, we’d love to show you our range and help you create some options to work with. Drop in to our showroom at Impala Kitchens or feel free to give us a call to discuss what we can do for you.

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