Customise Your Bookshelf

Kitchen RenovationsCustom joinery is widely used in homes for bookshelves. Cabinet makers can make bookshelves to suit specific areas. One of the benefits of having joinery made for your bookshelf is to accommodate your book collection no matter what size books you have. Cabinet makers will make shelves to suit your reading requirements. Shelving sizes do not need to be uniform, and varying heights and widths can not only make a bookshelf look more modern, but can bring practicality into order!


Kitchen RenovationsA combination of materials can be chosen for your bookshelf to compliment your style and home’s architecture. Choose from traditional style bookshelves or incorporate doors or even entertainment spaces into your design.

The image shows bookshelves in a residential library where the client had a curved back wall. Shelf divisions are at different widths to add interest.

Book shelves as part of a home office, with varying heights.

Kitchen Renovations

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