Design Perspectives – The Benefits of Using a Qualified Kitchen Designer

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How To Get the Best Kitchen Design/Plans

There are many ways to plan a kitchen space, however when it comes to arguably the most important area in your home, using a reputable kitchen design company will enable you to realise the best layout. Typically a design consultation is free of charge and will enable you to collaborate your design ideas and wants with a professional who will add value to the process.

What You Can Expect From A Design Consultation

Initial Consultation

Most Sydney-based kitchen companies will offer a FREE design consultation service and the process goes something like this:

  1. Allow approximately 2 hours for the initial meeting which will typically occur in your home or on site (if building). Where this is not possible a meeting in a showroom using plans you have may be an alternative.
  2. During the initial session, the designer will ask what you like and don’t like about your existing kitchen or what it is you are trying to achieve in your new home. Things like for whom the kitchen caters, how you like to cook, do you have many small appliances etc. He or she will also ask about the materials which appeal to you and which appliances you are looking at incorporating. The more knowledge you have about this, the better the brief to your designer and most likely the better the outcome. For this reason it is often recommended to visit a kitchen showroom and also an appliance showroom prior to the designer appointment.
  3. The consultation should feel like a collaborative effort between yourself and your designer with ideas discussed and incorporated or discounted as appropriate.
  4. At some stage budget would be discussed as often this will determine the materials the designer will recommend for your project.


Presentation of Kitchen Design and Cost



Subsequent to your initial meeting with your kitchen designer, a follow up appointment is made. Often this appointment is in a showroom where kitchen features and materials can be demonstrated which would be appropriate for your project. During this appointment you can expect your designer to present your kitchen plans and an initial cost based on the plans as presented. Most kitchen designers use software to draw plans, however some do still hand-draw whole plans or more detailed concepts. From here if you like your kitchen design and you choose to go ahead, a contract is filled out and a deposit of 5 or 10% of the contract price is paid. The designer will then provide you with a copy of your plans and contract and discuss the next steps.

See below for examples of perspectives presented by our designers.

At Impala we are experts in designing kitchens and have been doing so since 1973. All of our designers are qualified and experienced in the industry, many with design awards. We know we will design and create a kitchen to best suit you and your home. If you would like us to discuss your options, please contact us through an online enquiry, phone or come into one of our showrooms.


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