Do Your Research Before Commencing Kitchen Renovations – 11 Questions To Ask Your Kitchen Company

Kitchen RenovationsKitchen renovations or remodelling may seem daunting to you. Knowing this, we have devised a list of 11 questions to ask your kitchen designer. Follow these questions below and you will find that your kitchen renovation or remodeling project will be a smooth and enjoyable process:

  • Credentials – Can I see photos of your work and referrals from past clients?
  • Warranty – What is your warranty period? Make sure it’s 10 plus years. What about the hardware? Reputable kitchen companies will offer a lifetime warranty on hardware used e.g. hinges and drawer runners.
  • Manufacturing – Do you have your own factory or is the manufacturing contracted out?
  • Custom made or standard sizes – Companies with their own factory should custom make cabinetry so you will get a design made just for you. Other companies only use modular units, and have set sizes for cabinets, cabinet depth and bench top heights.
  • Insurances – Can I see your insurance certificates? These include product and public liability, workers’ compensation plus HIA insurance (a legal requirement).
  • Licensing – Can I see your kitchen renovation licence?
  • Doors – What will the back of the doors look like? And how are the edges finished?
  • Cabinets – Do you make your cabinets out of High Moisture Resistance board? This is particularly beneficial for areas that can get wet, such as bathrooms.
  • Pantry – Does the pantry come with cut away shelves or drawers to roll out? If you are having a step in pantry – does the company provide a stainless steel tread?
  • Pelmets – Do you make under cabinet soffits to match the door colour? Are the work lights concealed by a neat light pelmet?
  • Trade work – Is all trade work included in the quote, including:

 1.  site measure
2.  cabinetry
3.  bench tops
4.  splashbacks
5.  removal
6.  plumbing
7.  electrical
8.  tiling
9.  ducting
10. installation
11. rendering
12. plasterwork
13. delivery

Just remember to choose a kitchen designer and company you feel comfortable working with, as a kitchen renovation or remodel is an investment in your home. Given the kitchen is the focal point of a home, don’t compromise on quality and design just to save a few dollars.

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