Five Star Master Suite

This Master Suite is fit for a 5 star hotel and the many agree with it being named a finalist for the 2019 KBDi Awards.

After creating the clients dream kitchen the Impala Team were kindly invited back to recreate their master suite. Impala’s Designer Hilary Ryan quickly got to work on the redesign of a master bedroom which was dated and challenged by previous extensions and poor layout.


  • No natural light.
  • No privacy as glass walls had been used in the previous renovation to try and maximise light.
  • The space was overtaken by a large bath that was unused.
  • Bathroom couldn’t be shared by two people.
  • Lots of glass which was a difficult to clean.
  • A pokey walk in robe that wasn’t big enough along with being unappealing with no natural light.
  • Nowhere to sit to get dressed.
  • Bad flow between wardrobe, ensuite and bedroom.
  • A constricted layout, due to structural walls from a previous extension.


The walls that were holding back the room’s potential were removed to create a highly refined design incorporating a functional ensuite, a glorious walk in robe, study nook and resort style bedroom with lounge area.

Wardrobes that provided ample storage and double as a stunning backdrop for the bed. Custom built joinery captures the luxurious feel of a 5 star hotel. A bespoke bedhead, handmade lighting and sumptuous cushions create a dramatic, exotic space that is a far cry from the dingy overcrowded previous master suite.

The ensuite features an onyx wall which conceals the separate shower and toilet and is only visible from the dressing room. ‘His and hers’ vanities allow the bathroom to be easily shared. The whole shower area is designed as a wet room, so no glass was needed to allow for easy cleaning.

The dressing room features floor to ceiling wardrobes for ample storage and a glass topped island unit for display of jewellery and accessories. A window seat provides a light filled space to sit while dressing.

A wonderful master suite that doesn’t look out of place in any 5 star hotel around the world and received national regoinistion

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