Floor Tile Options For Your Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen RenovationsWhen choosing a floor tile for your bathroom renovation or remodel there are three main considerations.

1.   Colour – charcoal and slate greys are popular choices as they are in fashion and practical – reducing the visibility of dirt. Beige and stone colours are also revered for bathroom floors due to their contemporary, yet timeless hues. Consider your personal style and select in sympathy with the wall tile colours.

2.   Functionality – It is important to remember that bathroom floors can get wet and to allow for this, a honed tile or a tile that can be walked on without slipping is paramount. For this reason, most polished tiles are not practical for bathroom floors. Ease of cleaning is also important, tiles which need regular sealing are higher maintenance.

3.   Tile size – Generally the larger the bathroom design, the larger the tile can be. Using a bigger tile will also reduce the amount of grout, making cleaning easier as grout lines can attract mould/mildew. Consider a “smart tile” or stainless steel floor grate for a floor waste, they look inconspicuous and are a practical alternative to chrome wastes.

When renovating or remodeling your bathroom, be aware that the tile size must be suitable for your bathroom design to allow for enough fall to the floor and shower wastes without too much cutting of the tiles. The image shows use of a smart tile for both the floor and shower wastes.

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