Flooring Options You Might Not Have Thought About For Your Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen RenovationsThis image shows solid timber floor used as a contrasting finish to the crisp, white kitchen cabinets.
Kitchen designers will know what flooring material will suit your kitchen renovation or remodeling project. Choosing flooring that is practical and durable is important and there is a range of options available, including tile, hardwood, laminate or vinyl for your kitchen renovation or remodeling project –

1.   Tile – One of the most popular flooring choices for its durability and resistance to moisture. There are countless tile sizes, colours, textures and designs to choose from.


2.  Hardwood – Offers warmth and is not only inviting but more comfortable on the feet than tile.

3.  Laminate – Gives a hardwood look whilst offering less maintenance as the real thing. The beauty of laminate is that it can be installed over existing flooring.

4.  Vinyl – This is generally for the budget-conscious, and is resistant to stains and water. There are also high end vinyls available which can look fantastic and interesting.

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