Hamptons Style Kitchens



Hamptons style is coastal and casual and took its inspiration from The Hamptons on Long Island, a group of villages where holiday homes are in the majority. The Hamptons represents a very relaxed coastal living theme and uses classic shapes and natural materials throughout the home, including the kitchen. Hamptons kitchens reflect coastal style ambience and aesthetics in a very classic and elegant manner.


What’s the architecture of a classic Hamptons style kitchen?


Pitched ceilings, wooden floors, classic traditional colors (or plain black and white) exposed beams, and lots of light. There’s lot of white in the cabinetry, window frames, bench-tops, and lights, due to its reflective quality. These kitchens typically have more of dark timber floors rather than lighter flooring as they contrast beautifully with white color.


Light and airy, Hamptons kitchens represent one of the most detailed places in the house. It is the only style that looks luxurious yet relaxed, and that could be the reason of its growing popularity in Sydney and all around the world. Blue, Green and Grey are also popular choices for painting cabinetry, walls and ceilings of these elegant kitchens.


Some other features of a Hampton’s style kitchen include natural bench tops such as marble bench-tops or wooden bench-tops, tiled splashbacks and over-sized pendant lights. Marble comes in wide variety of patterns and colors and therefore one of the popular choices for making coastal kitchens. Marble is known for its timeless quality, opulence and natural look.


On the other hand, wood is an excellent alternative to marble bench tops and loved by homeowners who want something natural with organic properties in their kitchen. The splashback is another classic thing about Hamptons kitchens and typically they feature understated tiles or natural stone.


No interior is complete without a beautiful and unique accessory and it’s even better if it’s as functional as other appliances in your kitchen. An over-sized pendant light is what can accentuate your kitchen in the best possible way. Hamptons style is about clean lines and drama and there’s nothing as beautiful as pendant lights to add to the drama.


What to do for designing a Hamptons style kitchen?


If you’re looking for a style that draws inspiration from coastal themes, Impala Kitchens specializes in designing Hamptons style kitchens. Our kitchen designers are known to provide our clients with unique designs, and our designs never run out of style.


Your desires are our top priority, so if you are looking to renovate your kitchen to make a Hamptons style one, feel free to contact us. Our specialists will give you the kitchen that not only suits your lifestyle but also your personality. Let’s work together and make it great!

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