Handy Tips On Where To Put Your Microwave

Kitchen RenovationsIt may seem like an easy decision to make but there are some things to consider when choosing where to put your microwave. Before you decide on placement during your kitchen renovations, determine the size of microwave you require, keeping in mind that some need extra space for the depth if integrated into wall cabinetry. Your cabinet maker will factor this into your new kitchen design.

Microwave height is another factor to consider, so make sure the people who will be using your kitchen can reach easily to place food in and out. This is a safety issue when dealing with hot items. There should also be space adjacent to the microwave to place plates and bowls for ease of use.

Integrating the microwave into your cabinetry and using a trim kit will free up bench space and ensure the microwave matches other appliances as well as the kitchen decor.

If you don’t want your microwave displayed, simply conceal it behind a lift up door which retracts back into place once your have finished using your microwave.


Lastly, when deciding on microwave placement, look at its hinging – most microwaves are left hinged and this will affect ease of access – ensure there is no impediment when the door is fully opened.

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