How To Design An Entertainment Unit For All Your Listening And Viewing Requirements

Kitchen RenovationsAn entertainment unit is often the main focus in your living or lounge room so you want it to be attractive yet functional. Some like it as a features, others less conspicuous. Cabinet makers can custom make joinery for all your listening and viewing requirements.




Some things to consider when getting joinery made are:

1.   Whether you will include a TV in your entertainment unit, or whether it will be mounted onto the wall above.

2.  Are you including a surround sound system too? You may need speaker mesh covered doors to allow sound to resonate into the room.

3.   What equipment do you need to store? For example, an AMP, centre speaker, subwoofer, gaming consoles and so forth, ensure there is enough room.

Kitchen Renovations   4.   Do you want to operate the equipment without having to open doors? If so you may require mesh or fabric through which controls can transmit.

5.   Does the unit need to store other items such as DVD’s or CD’s, consider drawers with specific inlays to store these items.

6.   Choose materials that will compliment the look you are trying to achieve. Glass doors, wooden veneers or polyurethane finishes can be chosen as per your preference. Do you wish for the unit to be a focal point or to “blend” into the room and perhaps look like feature panelling?

View the images below to see what some of our clients have chosen to do.

Kitchen Renovations

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