Improving the Kitchen Flow


This kitchen was designed to suit the client needs of combining 3 smaller rooms and transforming these areas into one large open plan kitchen. Colours were to be warm and comforting yet also on trend.

Specific client requests :-

  • To change the previous U shaped kitchen into a modern, stylish and sleek looking kitchen by removing walls and opening up 3 rooms into one big kitchen space.
  • A large island bench with new modern appliances and lots of storage.
  • Incorporate the current much loved lounge/seating/dining area in the new area.
  • To change the colour scheme to be more modern to reflect the renovations on the outside of thehouse.


The New Layout Functionality :-

  • The kitchen flows naturally with the island bench having easy access from all sides.
    The grouping of the dishwasher, oven, sink and fridge all make cooking and cleaning logical.
  • There is plentiful bench space around the cooktop as well as the island to prepare for cooking, cooking and general family use.
  • The complete integration of the fridge, no handles on the cupboards and induction cooktop all provide a seamless and stylish look to the kitchen.
  • A unique design saw the kitchen moved to the back wall. This created one large area – combining all the spaces from 3 previous rooms as well providing a solution to a previous unused space.
  • The new space anchors the whole house and connects the family while they are doing different things in the area without interrupting activities they are each involved in.
  • The colour palette feels modern and not following the easy trend of white/grey and suits the client’s style.
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