Introducing Cara – Kitchen and Bathroom Designer


Cara is a British-born designer who studied Design Technology in the UK. Since leaving the U.K, Cara enjoys keeping up to date with the latest European trends, whether it’s joinery, interior design or catwalk fashion. Cara started her design career in production manufacturing with a hands-on approach focusing on designs created by hand from wood, metal and steel sculptures. From here she joined a bespoke English kitchen company and has continued this path in Australia for the past 13 years.


Cara has a natural passion for tailoring design to suit individual needs, where function and practicality meet design creativity. Balance and continuity are personal key areas of focus, creating designs that make not only an immediate impact but a timeless impression. She also enjoys the diversity of designing classic traditions, to opposing ornate pieces or minimalistic contemporary trends.


Watching the expansion of the kitchen industry and technology used over the years, from 2D floor plans to 3D software, allowing clients to see her vision has been a focal point for Cara.


In her spare time, Cara can be found trying to catch up with her son at the park or enjoying the Australian sun and beautiful scenic walks.


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