KBDi Highly Commended Traditional Kitchen 2019 – National – Pretty Boat Shed

Impala clients Lindey and Brett wanted to capture the Hamptons flavour in their original Balmain boathouse which has lost most of it‘s original character. Simple shaker styling Hamptons feel sits beautifully with the unpretentious weatherboard architecture that now clads the exterior of this harbour front home.

Lindey wanted to retain the existing floorplan but is still (slightly) open to suggestions if they meet the following:

  • Plenty of storage for heaps of ingredients as well as numerous baking accessories
  • The SMEG Porta Fino freestanding oven
  • ZIP Hot water
  • Integrated appliances
  • Appliance cabinet that conceals blender, kettle , processor, coffe/tea parafanalia
  • Butler‘s Sink
  • Plenty of bench space
  • Marble look benchtop
  • Pretty pendant lights
  • Good size bin
  • Pretty

Brett is mainly interested in Lindey getting what she wants, but seeks practicality.

Lindey likes gold highlights with a pastel colour somewhere, either on the splash back or tiles. Brett is concerned about using colour on cabinetry.

As with every renovaiton there were challenges:

  • The kitchen is a thoroughfare
  • Limited tall wall space
  • Island is small, looks fragmented.
  • Pantry storage capacity is restricted to 230mm deep, wasting a lineal storage opportunity .
  • Some definition between the kitchen and living room would be helpful

Deleting the island in deference to increased pantry depth means many more items like pots fit.

The gain to the pantry is at loss of bench, but the pantry storage is more valuable as this kitchen has plenty of bench. The other downside of deleting the island is the longer route in/out now. Yet the result is a more united and beautiful kitchen with increased storage.

For the appliance cupboard bi fold doors are the only workable solution although one door will protrude beyond the window when open, this seems preferable to bench clutter and has proven to be a very effective design element to complete the fully integrated space.

Ornamental cap and base mouldings to the display cabinet and the small quad detail at floor are a signature shaker/Hamptons style.

With checks, stripes and florals coming to the living room, Dulux salt spray quarter emerged as the hero colour of choice. Coloured cabinetry has personality and pale blue is right on for traditional shaker style. It certainly meets with Lindey’s desire for pretty and it has knocked everyone’s socks off, including Brett’s.

The long run of tall shaker doors is an elegant backdrop for the blue lower cabinets. The long traditional shaker handles with their sturdy character, brings the gold that Lindey wanted.

While the white pantry flanks one kitchen perimeter the display cabinet flanks another.

The display cabinet is dual purpose. The kitchen and living space needed some delineation. Upon arrival at the top of the stairs, guest’s don’t really to know where go. The display cabinet is like a silent traffic cop. It calls for attention at the junction between the two areas at which point people see the kitchen.

This kitchen is just the prettiest, it creates a sense of peace and happiness.

Before images:

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