New Kitchen and Bathroom Designs

New kitchensWith the kitchen being the hub of the home and a place where you enjoy not only cooking, but entertaining, you want benchtops to be functional and practical, whilst at the same time stylish.

There is a range of different materials available to suit a variety of kitchen designs, including:

1.   Granite – A natural stone, granite is ageless and looks stylish and contemporary.

2.  Engineered stone – A modern alternative to granite and marble, engineered stone is less porous and durable. There are many brands on the market.


New kitchens Designs

3.  Marble – Gives an inviting atmosphere, whilst offering elegance and opulence.

4.  Laminate – A range of colours to choose from, laminate offers affordability.

5.  Stainless steel – Add seriousness to you kitchen with stainless steel, a popular choice for professional chefs.

6.  Timber – Gives a natural feel. There are many woods to choose from, ranging from light to darker species. Recycled slabs of timber are popular.

7.  For those looking for something unique and architectural there are also concrete bench tops, glass tops and plastic moulded tops.

Consider a material that you prefer and one that will suit your kitchen remodeling or renovation project.

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