Kitchen Cupboard Door Profile Selection Made Easy

Kitchen RenovationsA new kitchen design should consider the type of doors to be installed. There are two types of door profiles that could be used in a kitchen renovation – flat panel and profiled (a shape is cut into the surface).

Flat panel doors come in a range of materials, including timber veneer, polyurethane and some prefinished boards (e.g. Laminex, Wilson Art and Formica).

Kitchen designers will explain that profiled doors can only be used with vinyl wrap, polyurethane and timber.


Each door profile gives a different look and, depending on the particular look you are trying to achieve, will come in a various finishes and colour schemes. When choosing a door profile, consider who will be using your kitchen, as some profiles and finishes are easier to clean than others. Also, keep in mind your colour scheme – determine whether natural light comes into the kitchen and the size of the kitchen as these factors will impact on the detail which could be used on the kitchen door profile. Some door profiles help define the kitchen design and style, for example slat timber doors will give a Balinesian feel whilst flat, gloss polyurethane doors will inspire sleek, contemporary kitchen designs. Remember to consider the type of handle you would like to use (if any) as some door profiles work better than others with certain handles.

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