Kitchen Sinks – Undermount Or Drop In?

Kitchen RenovationsDrop in sinks may be used in stone or laminate bench tops. They sit on top of the kitchen counter and have a rim around the edge. They may have a drainer (one or two) and are mostly stainless steel.

The image below shows a drop in sink.

The advantages of using a drop in sink are:

1.   There is usually a large draining area to the side of the sink for dishes to dry


Kitchen Renovations   2.   Cost-effective

A downside to using a drop in sink in your new kitchen design is that it will take up more bench space than an undermount sink, which can be an issue in smaller kitchens.

An undermount sink is mounted to the underside of the kitchen top and is typically installed in stone bench tops. The stone edge around the sink is polished. The image below shows an undermount sink.

The advantages of an undermount sink relate to aesthetics, easy to clean and minimising the area of bench space taken up by the sink (and drainer). Undermount sinks are more expensive to install and don’t come with side drainers (however accessories with drainers which sit in the sink may be purchased with most sinks). Drainers may also be ground out of the stone.

When choosing a sink for your kitchen renovation or remodel, consider the above to ensure you decide on sink which best meets your requirements and kitchen space.

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