Kitchen Sinks

There are a large range of different kitchen sinks. Today we will give a brief overview on the three most popular sinks.

Each sink type brings design benefits to a kitchen.

Drop-In Sink

Most common type of kitchen sink. Installed from above, a hole is cut out the counter material and the sink is inserted from above.


Easy to install

Overall cost relatively low


Sink rim prevents you sweeping water and waste from the counter into the sink

Rim requires additional cleaning

Some don’t like the look of the sink rim interrupting the clean lines of the bench top

Undermount Sink

The sink is attached at the bottom of the counter with special clips


Easy to clean bench top, no rim getting in the way

Smooth, continual look


Residue can build where the sink and counter met

Tend to be more expensive and require skilled installer

You may be limited to the size of your sink

Butlers or Farmhouse Sinks

Large single basin that usually sit at the front of the counter.


Generous size, making washing large platters and pots a breeze

As the front of the sink is the counter it makes the sink a little closer to the user, less bending forward

The look is very popular with the Hamptons/Traditional kitchen look


Can be messy due to the sink being closer to front of the bench. Water dripping.

Can be expensive compared to other style sink

Remember, every person is different which means that every kitchen is different, the key here is to find what’s best for you.

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