A well designed laundry will make the tasks of washing clothes, sorting, folding and ironing so much more pleasant. An ideal laundry will feature lots of bench space for folding and room for a washing machine, dryer and tub but also the following:-

  1. Storage for buckets for soaking
  2. Storage for detergents and cleaning aids
  3. Room for a clothes airer
  4. An ironing area and associated storage
  5. A place for laundry baskets
  6. A place for laundry hampers
  7. Don’t forget lights!
  8. Optional hanging rail for shirts or items to dry

As well as incorporating these design/storage features where room permits, the materials selected are also important. Hardy and water resistant finishes are the best. Lamiwood and stone tops make a great combination and meet the robust tactile requirements for laundries.


A stylish laundry showing excellent lighting and storage. The far right shows tall cabinets for mops and ironing boards as well as access to a laundry chute. The bottom right incorporates two large drawers to store laundry baskets.


The ultimate in luxury is a have a dedicated room to service laundry requirements.
Here a hanging rail is used regularly by our clients and there is ample bench space to fold and store washed clothing.


One of our most popular laundry combinations includes a front loader washer and dryer side by side. This allows plenty of bench space and a neat appearance. Lighting under the wall cabinets makes the laundry well lit. This is important as often laundries suffer from no natural light.


Laundry Closed




A lovely two-toned laundry with access to a laundry chute.


The laundry chute from the top.

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