Laundry Design

When it comes to finishing your dream home sometimes the laundry room can be last on the list. Yet you can pretty much guarantee at least one member of the household will use this room every day and it can be a place that becomes cluttered if storage and layout aren’t considered.
A well-designed laundry should be functional, efficient, and compliment the rest of your home. With the right planning and clever joinery, you can create a laundry that meets all your household needs.

Here are somethings you should consider when designing your dream laundry:

1. Have custom made joinery, such as overhead cupboards to ensure you maximise your space.

2. Free, cleared work bench to sort clothes or place a laundry basket.

3. Consider stacking your washer and dryer and take advantage of the space above by adding extra shelving.

4. Deep sink for soaking and handwashing clothes. To keep the look stylish, have custom made joinery for the sink.

5. Place to store ironing boards and irons. You can have custom made cupboarded where the ironing board is attached to the cabinet and can be easily hidden away when not in use. Remember to ensure you have access to power for your iron.

6. Place to hang those clean clothes. If space allows add a hanging rod up high, it is very useful for those “clean but waiting to be ironed” clothes.

7. Laundry baskets. Make sure you have a dedicated space for your laundry baskets. Understand your family needs and ensure there is sufficient room to store them.

8. Light. Natural light is best for your laundry. Helps you spot those nasty stains! If you don’t have access to natural light, consider installing a skylight or use LED strips or down lights above your benchtops to light your work areas.

9. Good ventilation is ideal for a laundry. You need to draw excess moisture outside during washing and drying. This is best achieved with windows, and doors that open to the outside. If this is not possible install good quality extraction fan or vent.

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