Laundry Ergonomics

Kitchen RenovationsAn ergonomic laundry is one that is safe, comfortable and efficient to use. A cabinet maker will be able to custom make joinery for your laundry so that you can complete your chores without straining or slipping.

The washing machine and dryer will be the most commonly used items in your laundry, so base your design around these. Both items will need to be close to each other and at a reasonable height so that you don’t strain yourself loading and unloading.

Joinery can be made for overhead cabinets to store away cleaning items and your benchtop will need to be at the right level for you to fold clothes. A fold away ironing board will not only save space but make it easier for you to iron. Pull-out tables are also an option for folding clothes where bench space is tight. Also consider a hanging rail for items to be ironed, this will make the space more efficient and remove items from cluttering your bench space. Lastly, don’t overlook lighting in the laundry, often the laundry has little natural light. Try to position ceiling lights between you and the benchtop to minimise over-shadowing.


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