Magnificent Bondi Beach Kitchen Renovation

Surrounded by the amazing settings and the spectacular views at Bondi Beach, the owners wanted a simplistic ultra- modern kitchen without compromise.


The challenge was to create a stylish cooking area within the limited space available i.e. 5m x 4m.


To make this dream come true, Impala kitchen designer Rashi implemented, toughened glass front doors with no visible frames used.


The best part was the glass which reflects the light that creates an illusion of a bigger space.


The fuss-free design makes it an ideal match for the space that was available – from sleek finishes and streamlined furnishings to smart storage. Another achievement was the goal of creating roominess done with the uniformity of monochromatic colours – white and sleek grey.






The final outcome was an ultra-modern kitchen which also doubled as a living/dining room.


It was a layout that included sleek edges and adorned with modern décor.

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