Powder Room

This powder room is in a 1980s well established home and part of a much larger renovation. Located on the ground floor, off a hallway that leads from the kitchen, the client wanted a unique room that continued the home’s theme and style. The space was part of the old laundry and toilet area. The new powder room would mostly cater for guests, making the most of the space available, to create a luxurious room.

Client Requests

  • Make the room seem as large as possible
  • Hide all plumbing
  • Mixed media
  • Luxurious feel
  • Easy to clean around counter and basin
  • No storage needed – clean lines

Design Challenges

  • Move plumbing
  • Removing a wall
  • Integrating cistern into a wall
  • Blocking existing doorway
  • Installing wider windows.
  • This space was part of an old laundry and toilet area. To help move and hide the plumbing for the toilet, and enhance the minimal look of the new powder room, the toilet was installed into a false wall. The plumbing for the vanity basin was also installed into a false wall under the vanity. The old laundry had an external door which was blocked and the original windows widened to allow maximum natural lighting and add to spacious feel of the powder room.
  • The one piece , curved Corian sink and bench gives a seamless, sleek look and also satisfies the client’s brief of easy to clean.
  • The minimal look was broken by the feature timber grain tiles, on the vanity wall and the opposing wall, to give power and emphasis to the room.
  • To emphasis the size of the powder room, large format travertine tiles were utilised to give a smooth and spacious feeling.

  • This powder room has 5 lineal m of celling height storage in the hall immediately outside the door so there was no need for cabinetry in the room. This makes the 5 square metre room feel as large as possible.
  • Task lighting has been provided on both sides of the mirror to ensure even illumination surrounding the mirror.
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