Senior Friendly

Senior Friendly Bathroom Design: Planning for the future

Our clients were so happy with their Impala kitchen they commissioned us to renovate their bathroom.

Impala designer Andrew Wright took into consideration our mature aged clients and ensured the bathroom will see them into the future.

With good design Andrew has created a space the will reduce accidents and designed to take into account the possibility of reduced mobility.

Key planning can be seen with placing the shower away from the door way, reducing the chance of water spills. Doorless shower with a wide opening and no steps or “lip” ensures easy access. Even the smallest step can be precarious for those with restricted movement.

Overhead shower head is a lovely feature, Andrew has also added an adjustable shower head for assisted bathing if required, also makes cleaning easier. Well placed grab rails ensures ascetics are maintained while improving safety.

The custom built vanity has easy, soft close draw, no handles. Handles can be a hazard and more difficult to manage for less supple fingers.

Mixer tap was selected to reduce scalding mishaps and is more friendly then the traditional taps that may require more hand strength.

Additional task lighting was introduced on the vanity which provides even light, reducing shadowing.

This bathroom demonstrates that being senior friendly doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style.

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