Maximise your small kitchen space by incorporating these clever storage and design ideas:

Blend open and closed shelving – instead of filling all wall space with cabinetry, consider some open shelving, while it gives a contemporary look, it also avoids closing-up the space.

Corner pull-out drawer systems – rather than jamming all your pots and pans into a deep cupboard, consider smart pull-out drawer systems that will make your life a breeze when looking for your favourite pot or pan.

Flooring solutions – create an illusion of space by using larger tiles, with less grout lines. Alternately, laminate timber flooring works well due to the elongated form

Corner creativity – use every bit of space by ensuring cabinets are as tall as possible, allowing for storage under the cabinets and other clever solutions, eg. to store glasses etc, freeing up space inside your cabinets

Luxurious details – let’s not forget to add a touch of luxury with decorative handles or a stylish splashback with great lighting!!

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