Storage Zones

When designing a kitchen, general storage and pantry space is a good place to start as most kitchens suffer from a lack of storage or storage which could be better utilised. It’s good to think about storage in a few types or categories.

For example:
1.    Food, there are usually subsets of this e.g. spices, oils, bulky items, fruit and vegies and staples
2.    Cooking items such as pots and pans
3.    Small appliances
4.    Glassware, plates and cutlery

We have clients who like to put everything in the one place where possible and therefore something like a butler pantry or walk in pantry (if space permits) would be best. We also have clients who like to separate storage into areas for example such as:

1.    A “drinks” area which might store glasses and a zip tap, or a coffee/tea station
2.    A baking zone which allows for pantry staples required and bakeware to be stored near the oven/s
3.    A food preparation area which has the fridge or a fridge drawer near the sink and utensils/chopping boards nearby.
4.     A small appliance section, usually housed in a appliance cabinet.

The possibilities are endless, the main thing is that the kitchen layout works for how you like to use the kitchen. A good kitchen designer will take a brief from you, add value to that process and come up with a recommended layout which suits your needs. Ask if your designer is qualified in Kitchen Design so that you can maximise the result. A well designed kitchen should be a pleasure to use. Impala offers a free consultation with a qualified designer, so take advantage of our expertise.

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