Tricky Corners

Most people hate kitchen corners, they are difficult to get things in an out of and hard to utilise properly. Things often get thrown in there and don’t get used for years. If you do have corners in your kitchen (most will unless it’s a galley), then here is our list of how to get the best access to these.

  1. Install a mechanism which allows you to pull the shelves out so you can see what’s in them without having to bend down on your knees.
  2. Corner drawers
  3. An access panel from the back – if possible
  4. Put in a pantry

Panel to back of island to access the corner cabinet


Corner Drawers


A pullout mechanism to help access items stored in corners. There are many different types available, select one which enables best access for your cabinet size.


A pantry with appliance cabinet built in is a good use of a corner.

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