Using Polyurethane Doors In Your Kitchen – The Pros and Cons

Kitchen RenovationsGive your kitchen remodeling or renovation project a modern look and feel with the use of polyurethane doors. Polyurethane works particularly well for solid colours and there are countless colour choices and finishes (satin, high gloss or metallic) available for your new kitchen design.

The benefits of polyurethane doors include:

1. Unlimited colours, including ¼ , ½ and full strength in any colour fan chart

2. Doors can be sprayed to colour-match walls, decor or any other item you may wish to match

3. Doors may have a profile routered – they need not have a flat or plain face


4. No handles look best with polyurethane finishes as there are no joins

5. No edge tape required around drawers or doors

6. A durable surface

7. Easy to clean

8. Gives your kitchen a luxurious look

The cons of polyurethane doors include:

1. A gloss finish will show finger prints

2. If hit with a sharp object the colour may chip

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