Wall Tile Options For Your Bathroom Renovation

Kitchen RenovationsThere are many types of wall tiles, ranging from stone, porcelain, glass and ceramic. Each material offers different properties – some tiles are more slippery when wet, others more porous and some require sealing. Consider what will suit those who will be using your bathroom and of course which product provides the appearance you are after.

Tile size is also an important factor when selecting your bathroom tile. Larger tiles have less grout lines, but can be restrictive on the floor in small bathrooms. Smaller tiles may need more cleaning, as there are more grout lines! Grout lines can also be different colours (some like to colour-match the tile). The most popular grout colours are white, off-white or grey.


Tile colours and textures are endless and you should consider the light in your bathroom (both natural and electric) when contemplating tile colour. What shade is most sympathetic to your lighting?

If you are tiling your bathroom walls to the top of the ceiling, consider whether you will finish the tiles to the very top or, if you have cornice, decide if you will have the cornice sitting over the tiles or flush with the tiles. The former option is a better quality finish.

Feature tiles can make an attractive highlight for a bathroom renovation or remodel, with vertical strips emphasising the depth of the room. Consider whether you will lay tiles vertically or horizontally – vertical lines can add some height to your new bathroom design by drawing the eye upwards.

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