Ways Kitchen Makeovers Can Convert Your Old One Into an Elegant stylish One

fb-cover-12-05-ver-2Your home defines your creativity and style; especially in the place where you spend most of your quality time with your family. When it comes to decorating a home, kitchen is actually a place that gives you loads and loads of creative freedom. There are many ways kitchen makeovers in Sydney can change the look of your old cooking area and make it a whole new place.

Think of a kitchen with flawless design and functionality… A great design comes with a great planning. Each room in a home has its own unique identity and is designed in a way to provide enough functionality and comfort. The same should go with your cooking area and Impala can provide you with: a super stylish room and ease of work. If you are not satisfied with your current kitchen you should think about renovating.

With all the creative uses of colours, materials and appliances, you can bring your dream kitchen into reality. If you are planning to sell your home, or want to stay in the same home for generations to come, following ways will help you increase the value and enhance the beauty of your home. Let’s take a look at those amazing ways kitchen remodeling can help you make your dream kitchen:-

  1. Embrace More Features with a Changed Layout: When remodeling your kitchen, try to boost the functionality along with the look. Think about the usage, and let your kitchen designer add features accordingly. A few but appropriate additions or changes in the layout can offer you a perfect kitchen. Another idea is to include a television and a separate place for small electronic appliances. Your designer will make sure that every addition is user-friendly and increase the overall performance of your kitchen.
  1. Replace Old Materials with Innovative Ones: Traditional kitchens were made with materials popular years ago, but now more innovative materials are being offered by manufacturers. Stainless steel, brushed aluminum, nickel, copper and wood are latest materials used to make modern kitchens. Use these materials in your cabinetry hardware or pendant lighting and you can bring life and style to your kitchen.
  1. Replace Old Cabinets with Fresh Ones: Just replacing the materials cannot give your kitchen that look and feel you want. The cabinets you choose are also very important in defining the overall character of the space. Replacing upper cabinetry with floating shelves will give your kitchen a sleek look and will also increase the visual space. You will be amazed to see the variety of kitchen cabinets in modern homes like ours.
  1. Switch to Energy-Efficient Appliances: Although today’s kitchens are used for a wide range of activities, the basic purpose is still cooking. If you want to modernise your cooking area, it is not only about adding stylish cabinets, applying fresh coats or using innovative materials, it is also about updating your old appliances. Most modern appliances are energy-efficient and have many useful features. Installing new appliances can give your kitchen a quick update and are an excellent way to boost the quality of your home.
  1. Use Modern Colours to Paint Walls and Cabinetry: If you want to create the perfect place for cooking that looks good and performs good, you will have to think out of the box. Getting your kitchen walls and cabinetry painted by a professional with modern colours is a great way to bring charm to your place on a budget. There are countless of faux finishes you can try and you will be surprised to see how a little change in colour can transform your old kitchen into a new one. Doing it yourself may ruin the entire look because there are many lines and edges in a kitchen, that only a professional can help you get the most outstanding look.
  1. Brighten Up With Beautiful Lighting: You can create a great ambiance in your kitchen with under cabinet and pendant lighting. Pendant lighting over a kitchen island, chandeliers and under cabinet light sources are all becoming great options for a bright and safe kitchen. You may also consider installing a dimmer switch so that you can enjoy your midnight snack and relax in a low light. There are countless lighting accessories available at online stores, but it is recommended to go for quality and buy from a reliable company.
  1. Bring a Sense of You with Decorative Items: Decorative items are not just meant for your living room, bedroom or guests room, your kitchen can too be a great place to add some unique items. This is a great way to bring your own style to your kitchen and it could be anything such as vases, sculptures, candles, artwork, etc. A vase of fresh flower and a bowl of colourful stones can add a dash of style to your cooking area.

Are you ready for kitchen makeovers in Sydney? If you would like to know more about the possibilities in your space, we’d love to do it for you as we have some great solutions to offer for your kitchen renovations. Contact us at Impala Kitchens and let us know what we can do for you.

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