West Pennant Hills Bathrooms



These bathrooms were designed by our Senior Designer Rashi. The brief was:-

1. Enlarge the ensuite and create a more practical wardrobe configuration for the master bedroom.
2. Modernise the main bathroom and incorporate features to suit the client’s two children.
3. Material selection to be contemporary with interesting tiles as the client did not want a stark white space.

How the objectives were met:

1. A new entry into the ensuite was built and a new space for the wardrobes was created. This enlarged the bathroom area and provided more accessible wardrobe space.
2. The floor and the bath wall were tiled using unique patterned tiles, interesting yet also practical to withstand daily usage.The remaining walls were tiled using neutral white tiles to allow the patterned tiles to be the focal point. All the tile finishes combine for a modern, contemporary look.
3. A large oversized vanity with vessel basin gives plenty of storage and bench space. A sandy coloured stone bench top was chosen to add warmth and allow the basin to contrast.
4. The hob behind the freestanding bath allows a neat option for storage as does a niche in the shower area.

The client is very happy with the outcome and the re-modelled space, saying that the new ensuite and robes are much more spacious and luxurious than the previous layout.

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