What Height To Put A Rangehood

Kitchen RenovationsThere are a number of factors to consider when deciding on the height to put your rangehood in your new kitchen renovation or remodel. Your kitchen designer will know there are height standards for rangehoods, just as there are for counter tops.

This image shows a slideout rangehood.
For safety purposes, a rangehood must not be positioned too close to a cooktop. On the other extreme, a rangehood that is positioned too high will not function properly. There needs to be a balance of adhering to the standards and the rangehood being able to work well with acceptable ranges varying from 650mm to 750mm above the cook top.


This image shows a canopy rangehood.
Kitchen RenovationsFor optimal performance, the rangehood should be ducted to the outside, either through the roof (if single storey) or through an external wall. Ducting parts will need to be purchased to complete the installation. Where it is not practical to duct to the outside, a recirculating hood may be installed.

When selecting a rangehood, an important consideration is capacity for extraction and noise when in use – aim to check these prior to purchase.

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