What To Consider When Selecting A Showerscreen

Kitchen RenovationsThere are two important aspects to consider when selecting a showerscreen for your bathroom renovation or remodeling project. One is aesthetics, the other functionality.

Some aesthetic considerations:

1.   Framed – Generally these are available in standard sizes and have a frame all the way around the perimeter of each glass panel. These are a good option where budget for your new bathroom design is a main constraint.

2.   Semi-frameless – These showerscreens have a frame around the extremities of the entire showerscreen but not around the door, giving a more clean look than a framed showerscreen. Semi-frameless showerscreens are a good alternative where a frameless look is sought; they can also be custom-sized.


3.   Frameless – An opulent look with the use of high quality hinges. Frameless showerscreens are panels of glass, custom-made to suit the shower space. The shower area may be flush to the adjacent flooring or recessed down slightly to give the look of one continuous floor space, making your bathroom look larger.

Some functionality considerations:

1.   Is a door necessary? Some people opt to have a blade of glass only, making the shower area “walk in” and minimising cleaning.

2.   Clear glass showerscreens require regular cleaning. You may wish to have a product such as Enduroshield applied to your showerscreen, which reduces the need to clean considerably.

3.   Do you require modesty panels? You may wish to have one panel sand-blasted to give an opaque finish.

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