Where To Place An Exhaust Fan

Kitchen RenovationsBathrooms are prone to moisture problems as they can be humid places from the constant use of hot water in showers or bath tubs. Bathroom exhaust fans are designed to provide ventilation for your new bathroom renovation or remodel. Extraction fans can be a separate unit or part of a combination fixture.

If possible, position your exhaust fan where it receives airflow from either a door entry or from windows. This will allow the extraction fan to operate effectively.

If a ceiling exhaust fan is placed directly above the shower recess, this may cause discomfort for the user. It is recommended to place the fan outside the shower recess where possible. If venting the fan into a ceiling cavity, care should be taken to ensure that the area itself is well ventilated. Wall mounted exhaust fans are a good solution where the bathroom is in a unit or there is another level above. The image shows a combination light and fan fitting in the ceiling.


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